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Sheep’s Milk Soaps


The ewes’ wonderfully thick and creamy sheep’s milk not only makes delicious cheese and yogurt, it has a role in producing our all-natural, handmade sheep’s milk soaps. Made the old-fashioned way in small batches without added chemicals, this soap is gentle for you and for the environment. Unlike commercial soap, which is produced from a long list of chemicals, our soap is naturally mild and creamy. Each bar will last a long time (Just be sure not to let it sit in a pool of water because, unlike commercial soap makers, we don’t whip air into our soap).

The sheep’s milk soap from 3-Corner Field Farm comes in a variety of fragrances and shapes. We can send it to you boxed (3 or more larger bars) for a unique and practical gift:

Body Bars

Select from the following fragrances: lavender, oatmeal cinnamon, lily of the valley, rose, lilac, cucumber, peppermint, grapefruit, unscented and sandalwood (last three scents are particularly popular with men).

Small (3-ounce bar – approx. size)
$4.00 each
Medium (4-ounce bar – approx. size)  
$6.00 each
Large (5-ounce bar – approx. size)  
$7.50 each

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Washing with our sheep’s milk soap-filled loofah is a treat. The loofah is a great, natural exfoliant and the sheep’s milk soap gently cleans and moisturizes. Inquire about available scents.

Hand-size loofah (2-ounce – approx.)
Bath-size loofah (4-ounce – approx)  

How to order